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On Wednesday, June, 21 2017, American Language Academy (ALA) entered a Memorandum of Understanding for English Language Instruction Programs with Bennett College located in Greensboro, North Carolina, which will be in effect through Spring 2020. The agreement was signed by both American Language Academy President Yuni Nguyen and Bennett College President Dr. Phyllis Worthy Dawkins

ALA College Fair

ALA is committed to preparing English language learners for life after ALA.  One way of doing this is the ALA College Fair.  ALA is partnered with several colleges and universities throughout America.  This allows ALA’s international English language learners to transition from ALA into institutions of higher education, to pursue their career goals and aspirations. 

English program online

The ALA Online Leadership Team is comprised of dedicated professionals who have years of experience with English language instruction, program development, and business management. The Leadership Team ensures that English language classes offered at ALA provide the highest quality content (ESL English) using the most up-to-date innovations in English language teaching methodology and technology.  They also

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ALA’s English for Co-hort program

On June 1, 2017, Yuni Nguyen, President of the American Language Academy, met with Professor Tao Yu, Dean of the International Education Department at the Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (ZIME) and Dr. Susan Jagendorf-Sobierski, Executive Director of International Education at SUNY Cobleskill . The three educators discussed the potential for the American Language Academy to assist the two universities

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On June 5, 2017, Yuni Nguyen, President of the American Language Academy (ALA) visited the Xi’an International University (XAIU). Ms. Nguyen met with Guo Xinhua, Dean of International Cooperation and Director of International Center, Geoffrey K. Tsang, Vice Director for International Programs, International Center Associate Dean, College of International Cooperation and several members of their staff. The meeting was arranged

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