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Business English Program

BEP Level 1- Beginner

In this Beginner course, students will learn how to verbally and in writing communicate using basic business language essential to carrying out everyday business functions. These functions include: exchanging personal information, describing jobs and organizational roles, giving instructions, making an order, basic travel expressions, describing an office setting and work environment, work life, and office safety. In the advanced section of the course students are provided with extensive practice in more complex areas of business English such as negotiations, presentations, analyzing data, and the business press.

BEP Level 2- High Beginner

Within the High Beginner course, students will continue to increase their fundamental business terminology and simple business language skills in order to communicate with colleagues and clients in both verbal and written forms. Students will develop a deeper understanding of how to give directions around a building, describe items and equipment within an office, provide information about a company, explain roles and tasks of employees, administrative office tasks, health and safety, travel, how to greet and check-in clients at a front desk, and how to ask and acquire information through phone, email, fax, and during meetings.

BEP Level 3- Intermediate

In the Intermediate course, students will transition from using fundamental terminology to using more complex business language and expressions in order to strengthen their communication skills with colleagues, clients, and third parties. Students will cultivate their knowledge and understanding of pricing and orders, human resource tasks, office settings, business correspondence, work styles, how to present a company, proper ways to communicate and deal with clients, organizing meetings and agendas, promote and market outside of the office, and pre-court action procedures.

BEP Level 4- High Intermediate

Throughout the High Intermediate course, students will continue to deepen their complex business language and expressions to better articulate themselves within an office and work environment. Students will focus on several aspects of conducting business in multicultural settings, different cultural etiquette for international business, self-employment, business news, providing directions, contracting services, purchasing, assets, finance and accounting, telecommuting, import and export services, travel arrangements, giving and interpreting data and information, business cycles and trends, and work place disputes.

BEP Level 5- Advanced

In the Advanced course, students will consolidate the lessons and English proficiency skills acquired from Levels 1-4 to complete the transition from fundamental and intermediate Business English to the advanced level. Students will focus on complex areas of business while using advanced business terminology, language, and expressions frequently used within formal and informal office and venue settings. The topics in the Advanced course includes human resource functions, tasks and deadlines, trends in business over time, types of companies, buying and leasing property, takeovers and mergers, economic principles, business plans, fiscal capacity, risk management, business ethics, professional annual meetings, and using media to promote a business or company.