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Our Instructors

ALA faculty are known for their knowledge base, skill set, extensive experience, and qualifications in teaching English as a second language and related fields. Our team of instructors come from culturally diverse and strong educational backgrounds which enable them to provide quality instruction to all students enrolled in our programs and test preparation courses on campus and online.

ALA faculty members care about the success of each individual student at ALA inside and outside the classroom. Our instructors deliver a rigorous curriculum that prepares students to become confident English speakers once they finish their program or course. Instructors are available to give additional assistance for students through tutoring and private lessons in specific subjects so that students can reach their English goals for academic, professional, and social purposes.

Many of our students stay in touch with their ALA instructors throughout their lives and remain a part of the greater ALA community.

Betsy Renfrew

Academic English Instructor

Charlie Wilson, Dr.

Academic English Instructor

Gwenette Robertson

Academic English Instructor

Alton Rose

Academic English Instructor

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Sidney Keyes

English Tutor

Elaine UHL

English Tutor

Linda Wheatley

English Tutor