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Hours of Operation

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Welcome to American Language Academy® Sky Campus™.

Sky Campus is American Language Academy’s (ALA) online division that specializes in delivering our English language programs and courses via our real-time, interactive online platform.

Sky Campus online provides the same quality of learning and instruction as found in our on- campus programs. Online students receive the same program certificates, are taught by the same instructors, and have access to services and pathways that our on-campus students do.

Instruction is delivered via synchronous, interactive distance learning, using an online platform combined with the Moodle Learning Management System. This method of instruction allows for students all over the world to join our online classrooms and have real-time instruction and learning experiences with other students enrolled in the online classes.

Once students graduate from their online English program they receive a graduation certificate along with an official transcript.


American Language Academy was founded in 2007 by Ms. Yuni Nguyen, Owner and President.

In November 2011, American Language Academy began seeking institutional accreditation from the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (“CEA”) for its Greensboro, NC campus. In April 2013, CEA granted American Language Academy accreditation for its main campus, and again in April 2014.

ALA first began researching on how to provide live, interactive instruction online in Fall 2014. By 2015, ALA started designing online Intensive English Program courses to be offered in addition to our face-to-face Intensive English Program for English language learners who were unable to attend class in person at any of ALA’s physical locations.

In 2016, ALA officially began offering online instruction. Since early 2016, all Foundation English levels of the Intensive English and English for Academic Purposes Program have been accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA).


The mission of American Language Academy is to provide the best learning experiences and support to English Learners (ELs) to meet their language needs for their academic, professional, and social purposes.

Educational Goals

American Language Academy has set these specific goals in order to carry out the mission:

to ensure the highest levels of student achievement in language acquisition by setting high expectations for faculty, students, and administrators
to ensure highly qualified personnel in all areas by setting high educational standards, providing ongoing professional development, and offering competitive salary and benefits
to increase and diversify student enrollment by continuously improving student services

American Language Academic maintains a set of institutional values in accordance with our mission and goals.

Excellence- We strive to serve all students with dedication and excellence in all of our services and programs. We are committed to providing an engaging, positive, supportive, and motivational environment for our students and community.

Diversity- We accept students, faculty, staff, and other community members of all race, genders, religions, nationalities, and ethnic groups into our community. We are committed to creating an environment of acceptance, tolerance, and understanding of various cultures.

Clarity- We strive to be open and clear with all of our students, faculty, staff, and other community members. We are committed to ensuring that all information, expectations, and standards of American Language Academy are communicated to and understood by all.

Respect- Committed to serving a diverse community, we strive to be mindful and respectful to all of our students, staff, faculty, and other community members. We are committed to creating an environment that welcomes and respects each individual’s background, values, beliefs, and opinions.

Trust- We strive for honesty and transparency in all that we do. We are committed to creating an environment that provides care, fairness, understanding, and consistency for all.

Integrity- We strive to uphold the highest standards of integrity. We are committed to being a community that is honest, trustworthy, and maintains accountability in acting according to these guiding values.

To apply today contact the Admissions Office at admissions@ala.edu or 336-285-7318.