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We have many options to help you achieve your English language goals. We offer various programs to fit your needs. ON CAMPUS OR ONLINE.

OUR PROMISES: Best value and best quality of English as a second language education


Students who are applying for enrollment should read the application instructions and Enrollment Agreement carefully in order to submit complete applications and comply with all terms and conditions of admissions, registration, and enrollment.

Step 1: Submit Completed and Signed Application Packet (Includes Following)

  • Admissions Application (valid for one year from submission date)
  • F-1 Visa Student Enrollment Agreement
  • Copy of Passport (color)
  • Transcript, Certificate, or Diploma (High School or University)
  • Proof of sufficient funds during duration of study: Bank Statement or Financial Guarantee Letter
    1. Official bank statement within the last 60 days with a minimum balance of $20,000 USD (6 months), $26,000 USD (9 months), $32,000 USD (12 months).
    2. Affidavit of Support Form must be completed if the bank statement is not from the student, with the individual sponsor claiming financial responsibility for the student’s tuition and course fees incurred by the student while enrolled at ALA. Affidavit of Support Form must be notarized and attached with the sponsor’s bank statement.
    3. Financial Guarantee Letter from recognized scholarship agency or sponsor (employer, institution, organization, non-individual) with all valid information.
  • If transferring from another SEVP certified institution, please include:
    1. Transfer-In Form
    2. Transfer-In Clearance
    3. Copy of Visa (color)
    4. Copies of I-20s from all previous schools attended within the US
    5. Transcript from current university or from current or previous English language program
    6. Most recent English proficiency test score: TOEFL, IELTS, iTEP, etc. (if applicable)

Step 2: Pay the Application Packet Fees (Non-Refundable)

  1. Admissions & Registration Fee
    • Initial F-1 Visa Students - $350.00 USD
    • Transfer F-1 Visa Students - $500.00 USD
    • Change of Status to F-1 Visa Students - $1,800.00 USD
    • Reinstatement of F-1 Visa Students - $1,250.00 USD
    • Non F-1 Visa Students - $175.00 USD
  2. Each F-1 dependent fee $200.00 USD (per-dependent)
  3. Mailing and Handling fee $150.00 USD (if mailing outside of US)

Step 3: Receive Admission Decision

Upon receipt of completed Application Packet and fees, ALA will process the application packet and make an admissions decision and notify the student within two business days.

Student will receive one of the following through email or by mail:

A. Acceptance Packet (may include)

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Initial I-20 for F-1 Visa (Initial Attendance or Transfer Pending status)
  • Initial I-20(s) for F-2 Visa (F-1 dependents)
  • Pre-Arrival Packet

Proceed to Step 4.

B. Denial Letter with explanation. Stop here and contact us at admissions@ala.edu for help.

Step 4: Apply for F-1 Student Visa

A. Visa Application Process (ALA does not provide visa services.)

B. Notify ALA of the following within 30 days from the receipt of Acceptance Packet or I-20 will be automatically canceled.

  1. Notify ALA of visa interview date
  2. Notify ALA of visa approval or denial decision.

Receive Visa

  • Contact Admissions Office and submit copy of visa (color) to info@ala.edu.
  • Proceed to Step 5.

Receive Denial Decision

  • Contact Admissions Office of decision to reapply for visa and change program start date on the Initial I-20. If reapplying for visa with a new program start date, pay the $100.00 USD I-20 Reissue fee, pay the $150.00 USD Mailing and Handling fee, and repeat Step 4-2.

Step 5: Registration & Enrollment Process

  • Pay tuition and other fees as listed on the Enrollment Agreement and invoice.
  • Take the placement test and receive level placement.
  • Satisfy all other course fees and requirements such as: activity fee, health insurance, books, etc.
  • Receive the Class Permit
  • Participate in the orientation and training (included ALA accounts access) and check the required technology.
  • Comply with all terms, conditions, and policies as outlined in the Enrollment Agreement and Student Handbook.

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