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Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 7:30AM-4:30PM
Saturdays: By appointment only.
Sundays: By appointment only.


General Questions

ALA is a rigorous English Language school headquartered in the center of beautiful Greensboro, North Carolina. The campus is centrally located to seven (7) colleges and universities which makes it ideally situated for student life. We are licensed by the federal government (DHS) to enroll non immigrating foreign students and can therefore can issue the I-20 for student visa. Its core focus is to prepare its students for success in College/University academics and better living by offering various courses ranging from intensive English instruction to summer camps.

ALA has classes for both part-time and full-time (18 hours/wk) students. Short-term classes can range from three-week to six-week long, such as summer language camps for international high school students and Cultural Institute for older international students. Full-time intensive English classes usually range from three (3) months to one year. Our full time classes are well-defined in terms of curricula specifically designed English for Academic Purposes for university-bound students. Students completing our curricula are well prepared and will have a high success rate gaining acceptance to university programs. They emphasize communicative use of English, academic skills (reading comprehension & writing) and cultural orientation.

ALA’s programs are designed for carefully-screened, serious, and disciplined students. All full-time students receive a minimum of twenty-two (22) hours of contact instruction per week. Core classes are taught in six levels on a daily basis (M-F). In addition, cultural enrichment lectures and field trips occur throughout the sessions. Most students spend four (4) additional hours per week studying, practicing communication skills, and doing out-of-class assignments. They are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as concerts, lectures, sports events, and field trips to local places of interest that are available around the city. In-depth orientation to and immersion in academic and social life in the U.S. is an important feature of ALA’s programs.

ALA’s teachers are professionally trained with Master's degrees in TESOL or other majors closely related field and with the work experience in teaching "English as a Second Language" or subjects appropriate to their course assignments. They are all caring and have studied other languages, traveled, lived and/or taught classes abroad and are very familiar with the challenges which students face in new cultural milieus.

Students of all genders, ages, races, and religions are welcome from countries around the world. Some ALA’s students are undergraduate or graduate who are already attending programs in the U.S. and who wish to be more culturally competent and linguistically proficient. But the majority of them are internationals preparing to attend colleges and universities in the U.S or return home to better jobs. Some professionals also enroll in short specialty courses to improve their language proficiency for personal and career reasons. We also have summer programs for high school groups.

ALA is partnering with its network of colleges & universities that grant our applicants Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLA)*. This means that students who enroll in ALA’s Academic English Program receive a CLA and upon successful completion of our Academic English course level 5, they will have the TOEFL score requirement waived. Depending on their placement, they may be admitted straight into the college/university. We have an excellent Student Services staff that will assist and counsel our students in the university selection and admission process.

* Student must meet all other requirements for international students for admission by the respective university.

Academically qualified students planning to study at ALA may be admitted conditionally to a select group of ALA affiliated colleges/universities. Upon meeting the conditions as specified in the university's/college admission standards, a student may be admitted as a regular student. Some universities require that students submit application forms, official transcripts from previous study, documentation on finances, and perhaps letters of recommendation while others only need to review official transcripts to decide on conditional admissibility of students. In all cases, students must successfully complete ALA's Academic English level 5 curriculum with an acceptable score on iTEP, the standardized test that ALA uses.

To foster positive academic relationships and maintain best pedagogical practices, ALA limits class sizes to no more than 15 students. 

Any catastrophic illnesses requiring a student to withdraw from classes will be addressed on a case-by-case basis in accordance with ALA's Leave of Absence policy, which is available for review in the student handbook. ALA requires all students to have health insurance and may be purchased through ALA. Any non-F-1 students with independent insurance must provide proof of coverage before beginning classes. 

Faculty and staff provide one-on-one counseling to upper-level students who need help with cover letters, resumes, college applications, and other tasks related to university admissions and future employment. 

Qualified students may begin study in January, March, May, August, or October at the start of each session (see the course calendar page). We also have late registration options available that are flexible.Applicants for the full-time English for Academics Program must submit the following:

  1. A completed ALA Application form
  2. An official copy of a Secondary or High school, English Language School or university transcript;
    An official financial statement showing that the applicant or sponsor has sufficient resources for the full length of time enrolled for study
  3. A $300 non-refundable application fee.
  4. A copy of their passport
  5. Two 5cm x 5cm pictures

Specific Questions

Students who are accepted by ALA receive information packets about travel to the school, as well as telephone numbers for ALA Student Services staff. This information packet will help prepare them for their travel to the US. Students are asked to send their arrival information to ALA as soon as possible so that appropriate accommodation arrangements can be made. ALA assists arriving students by arranging free airport pickup and overnight stay at hotels or short-term home-stays with families.

We recommend students report to ALA at least seven (7) days prior to the day of registration. The registration date is specified on students' I-20 forms. All students will need to participate in an orientation session that will include: placement testing, registration, insurance sign-up, introductions to school rules & procedures.

Yes. ALA does provide a limited number of scholarships and other financial aid plans to individual students. If and when academic scholarships exist at American Language Academy, they are very limited and are awarded on a highly competitive basis. Inquiries regarding such scholarships should be sent by the individual student directly to the Admissions Office.

Due to ALA's demanding curriculum, work opportunities are not available to students. 

All tuition fees are due on the first day of registration. A ten percent (10%) deposit is required when the I-20 is mailed with the acceptance letter. This deposit is then applied to tuition at the time of registration. Checks, bank wire drafts, or traveler's checks drawn on a U.S. bank are recommended. Students should expect to spend about $250 for school related personal expenses each term. ALA staff will assist students who want to open bank accounts upon arrival.